The quickest way to gain weight is to improve body oxygenation. This method ultimately leads to better digestion, liver function and increased hunger, naturally. Most everyone who has low weight and struggles with weight gain has less than 20 seconds for the body oxygen test.

People with low oxygenation (e.g., less than 20 seconds) often suffer from chest breathing 24/7 (which leads to over breathing). They also likely breathe through the mouth at night and during exercise, leading to yet worse health.

Low oxygenation is at the root of many abnormalities, including those that relate to low weight: a lack of hunger, low energy, poor sleep quality, inadequate digestion, and poor perfusion of body organs.

Natural Solution for Low Weight

The best way to naturally increase one’s weight is to increase one’s oxygenation to 30 seconds or more. At this level of health, individuals naturally maintain a appropriate weight. With a result of 60 seconds for the body oxygen test, a yet more perfect weight can be expected.
How to gain weight for low weightHunger. Over breathing increases blood glucose levels, making people that breathe too much have a hard time gaining weight. Why would they be hungry when their blood sugar levels are high?

When people that are underweight start practicing breathing sessions (either Buteyko reduced breathing exercises or Amazing-DIY-breathing divice exercises), they may find that their blood glucose level drops, with their bodies “inviting” new calories. With such proper breathing sessions, a person that is too slim simply needs to increase his calorie intake and stay warm during the day for weight normalization.

Calories usually come in fats and carbohydrates. People that are underweight often have poorly performing pancreas and livers. This means that their bodies cannot properly digest those sources of calories (carbs and fats), resulting in their condition: low weight.

Using honey to help. In addition to the above-mentioned solutions, one might also use honey as a calorie source. Honey is great because it is very easily digested. Be sure to get honey that is raw. Most honey, including honey sold by local distributors, is cooked. Such honey has a high glycemic index, making it a food for pathogens in the gut, mainly Candida. Such unnecessary heating also destroys nutrients, lowering a given food’s quality.

Earthing: grounding the human body. The body is meant to be connected to the Earth so that voltage does not develop. This voltage in the human body, which occurs just by being separated electrically from the Earth (and which gets worse by using music players, cell phones, ect.), leads to inflammation and other problems in people. Most people can benefit by at least Earthing during sleep.

Physical exercise. For general health, exercise and labor is great thing and it is hard to get too much. While a person is underweight, though, they should limit intensive physical activity to one hour per day. In any case, only increase exercise gradually so that muscles, tendons, and ligaments have time to adjust. Otherwise, you risk injury.